We’re excited to announce the Spring 2024 release of Quorum’s onQ Ransomware Protection and Disaster Recovery solution, version 7.0! While Quorum has delivered a rock-solid solution over its 15-year history, the current changes ensure we continue to provide an unmatched level of performance and security.

As an appliance-based product, Quorum combines software and hardware in a way to optimize how we provide our customers with the best possible protection. It is why we have never been infected by ransomware in more than 15 years. This update introduces significant enhancements to both our software and hardware as we move to the latest Intel-based servers, ensuring top-notch performance and security.

What’s New:

  1. Improved Performance by changing and upgrading the hypervisor, filer, and a number of the drivers.
    • Faster Backups: Quicker completion of backups and allows for more frequent backups.
    • Improved I/O: Boosted disk and network I/O performance.
    • Improved Recovery Speed: Improved recovery speed and performance while running your business on a recovery node
  1. Improved Security so you can reliably count on Quorum as your last line of defense against cyber-attacks.
    • Stronger Protection: We enhanced security by upgrading onQ’s internal components, maintaining our record of zero security breaches that few DR companies can claim.
  1. Added Simplicity to enroll larger virtual environments.
    • Policy Manager: Easily create policies for enrollments – backups, archiving, and recovery – and assign similar servers to the appropriate policy. To move to a different policy profile, simply reassign the server or servers.
  1. Increased Flexibility to combat new threats while adapting to new technologies and the ever-changing DR landscape from acquisitions.
    • Adaptability: With new product updates such as a new hypervisor and a new filler, customers have the tools ready for evolving threats and technologies.
  1. New Hardware which incorporates the latest version of the Intel-based server.
    • New Intel-Based Server: Enhance speed and performance of backup and recovery.
    • Introducing onQuick: Using the latest hardware options, onQuick is a full NVMe-supported appliance with IOPS up to 8 million and capacity up to 300 TB to support high performance servers.

The changes in 7.0 further demonstrates our commitment to providing a fast, simple, and reliable ransomware protection and DR solution.

Why Quorum?

Security Features that contribute to why Quorum is one of the few DR providers who can claim they have never been infected by ransomware:

  • Encryption To and From the Appliance: Made even stronger in the current 7.0 release.
  • Immutable Backups: Ensures data cannot be tampered once written on the appliance.
  • Virtual Air-Gap: Extra security with the use of a stand-alone appliance.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Provides an added layer of security.
  • No Active Directory Connection: Further boosting security, especially against cyber-attacks.

Additional benefits that Quorum customers love:

  • No Ingress/Egress Fees: No hidden costs in our private cloud.
  • Testing Environment: Safely test changes before implementation.
  • Free “Clean Room” Service: Available in case of ransomware attacks.
  • User-Friendly: No extra training required or certifications to use.
  • White-Glove Implementation: Expert support to help you get up and running quickly.

Have You Been Impacted?

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