Today is an exciting day at QuorumLabs! We are officially releasing onQ V6.0 with the most significant customer-facing improvements we have developed in a number of years. Our recent product releases have focused on changing the internal workings to better support our customers growing data footprints. But today we are releasing onQ 6.0 with VIP (VMware Integrated Protection). This is a major step forward for Quorum. Quorum has always been a leader in providing protection to physical servers using our patented appliance-based technology to ensure there is an adequate gap between your protected data and your physical servers.

Today, through VIP, we are taking that same approach to protect your virtual environment. While we have always provided support for virtual environments, today’s announcement takes a major leap forward. In the past, we supported virtual environments through file level backups. With VIP, we now integrate with the customer’s VMware environment and backup at the VMDK level. In the event of an emergency, we can easily mount the VMDK images housed on the onQ to a VMware host and you’re back in business. Or, if there’s been a failure of the entire VMware infrastructure, you can run on the onQ appliance itself. Once you have identified the issue with your primary server (repair, replace, or remove ransomware) you simply vMotion the current VMDK back to the original server with no interruption to the business; no down time. Besides the ease of use you will also experience significant improvements in performance. Early tests have resulted in up to a 95% reduction in backup time.

From a broader perspective this means we now support both physical and virtual servers with comparable levels of protection. We have carried our ease of use into the VIP solution and what we believe to be an important quality of any DR solution: “air-gap” or separation between your production environment and your DR solution. With this release we have taken a step further to ensure you can protect your entire environment with a single solution, Quorum. You don’t need to bring in a number of solutions to protect different areas within your environment when you have Quorum.

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Circumstances Where IT DR Plan was Executed

Jim Garn

CEO, Quorum Labs Inc.

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