QuorumLabs is excited to announce our latest product releases. Our teams have been hard at work to bring you incredible new features and enhancements that will take your industry leading ransomware protection and disaster recovery experience to new heights. QuorumLabs continues to be a leader in ransomware protection and disaster recovery, these enhancements just make that claim even stronger.

Version 6

  • Version 6 launched Quorum VIP (VMware Integrated Protection), a groundbreaking set of features which allows you to perform agentless back-ups of your data from the VMware level. That’s not all! With VIP, you can now run your environment from the onQ, but you can also mount the VDMK directly back to a VMware host.
  • Say hello to Multi-Factor Authentication. The Quorum appliance has never been infected by ransomware, MFA extends our security focus by providing an extra layer of security to safeguard your valuable data.
  • We’ve also added the ability to protect a VM operating system supported by VMware for VIP recovery back to VMware. This feature currently supports Windows, Redhat kernels, and Suse for direct recovery to the onQ.

Version 7 – Prepare to Be Amazed

  • Introducing the New Policy Engine, featuring three types of policies that will revolutionize your data protection strategies.
  • Enrollment Policy: Seamlessly enroll and protect large numbers of Protected Nodes from licensed VMware ESX environments. The policy also allows monitoring of these environments for new servers and automatic enrollment onto the onQ. You won’t need to lift a finger!
  • Backup Policy: Customize your backup policies by setting backup frequency, retention, and recovery parameters. Take control of your data protection processes like never before.
  • Recovery Policy: Design recovery scenarios to recover any number of machines based on real-time network conditions. Prioritize your recovery and ensure minimal downtime.
  • All policies come with powerful filtering and defining options, allowing you to protect servers based on various criteria such as name, VMware tags, Quorum Tags, IP address, VMware datacenter, and folder groupings.

Internals Updated for Maximum Performance

  • We’ve made internal updates, moving from XenServer to Oracle Enterprise Linux KVM 9 for the hypervisor, resulting in faster start times for Recovery Nodes and no networking bottlenecks.
  • Latest security patches and updates have been applied.
  • Upgraded scripting engines for improved backup and policy performance.
  • Quorum has also moved from CentOS to Oracle Enterprise Linux 9 for the onQ, ensuring a more secure environment which is easier to maintain.

Introducing “Quorum Collections”

Quorum Collections provides customers with:

  • Multitenancy which allows multiple customers to exist on a single appliance
  • Multiple onQ environment to exist in the same network
  • A solution for MSPs to manage multiple customers

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