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onQ: Backup & Disaster Recovery Appliance

The BDR Appliance with Fast Backup, Instant Recovery & Ransomware Defense

Quorum’s patented onQ technology is the beating heart of all Quorum solutions: high availability (HA), disaster recovery (DR), and private cloud disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Regardless of the protection model you choose, an onQ hardware appliance will be deployed in your local datacenter to act as the High Availability Appliance. If you decide to use onQ in the DR configuration, a second onQ Disaster Recovery Appliance will be deployed at your DR site.

If you’d prefer to leverage onQ as your DRaaS option, the onsite HA appliance would connect to the Quorum private cloud infrastructure to send compressed encrypted clones of your protected servers and data to our site. We have regionally distributed data centers to provide the highest possible level of security and availability.

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Just what you need

Unbelievable Performance

Our proprietary storage architecture combined with NVMe cache means that our appliances are the fastest in the industry. This means faster backups, and more importantly, faster recoveries.

In fact, our appliance is so fast, that if you have to run your production applications from our hardware, your users won’t even know!

Don't believe us? Other BDR solutions can routinely support up to 1,000 IOPs, ours can support up to 25,000!

Scalable For Any Environment

onQ hardware comes in many configurations to meet even the most demanding business requirements. Whether you are protecting 10TB or 400TB, we have a range of appliances that can handle the load.

onQube is our smallest hardware appliance suitable for protecting up to 7 servers. Packed with enterprise features, onQube was designed with Small and Medium business in mind. Easy to install, configure and manage, it's perfect for keeping your business online and secure. For customers that want the assurance of Disaster Recovery, private cloud DRaaS can be added for a small monthly fee.

For larger organizations, we offer a complete line of appliances designed to provide the highest levels of protection for you business. Our appliances function as recovery hardware, so unlike other vendors, we never undersize our boxes. In a recovery situation, you are going to want enough hardware to deliver the application performance your organization has come to expect.

For our largest customers, and for MSPs who want to offer DRaaS to their own customers, we have onQ POD. onQ POD allows storage and IO to scale independently so you don’t have to worry about growth.


Our turnkey appliances are preconfigured and are ready to run. Our Sales Engineering team conducts a site survey to understand the demands of your environment. All you have to do is simply install our hardware and power it up. It arrives preconfigured, and management is quick and easy using our browser based management console.

With the onQ appliance, you can be up and running in hours.


To ensure proper sizing - and reduce the likelihood of unplanned upgrades - Quorum takes a proactive approach and asks you to speak directly with our systems engineers when trying to determine which onQ appliance will provide the best experience for you in terms of processing power, memory, and storage requirements.

onQube: suitable for small and medium sized businesses, or remote office locations, onQube can protect up to 7 servers.

onQ Standard Appliances: suitable for small and medium enterprises, onQ can be sized to fit your business need

onQ POD: our largest and most scalable appliance. onQ POD is a datacenter in a box, suitable for large enterprise and for MSP clients. Architected for superior performance, compute and storage can scale independently.

Sizing discussions/calculations take into consideration more than twenty variables that can impact the planned performance and usability of the appliance.The Quorum systems engineer assigned to your account will walk you through the process to ensure you are sized correctly and enjoying the most powerful performance.

Need more? Meet Vault

Require longer retention periods due to HIPAA, PCI or e-discovery requirements?

onQ Archive Vault provides virtually unlimited storage potential. onQ Archive Vault leverages the compute resources of the onQ Appliance to reduce deployment cost and load on your production servers. Maximum retention is virtually unlimited, and archive backups can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.

In addition, the archive repository is fully encrypted to providing the maximum protection for your assets.

If you’d like to learn more about our Archive Vault, download our data sheet below.


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When we had a SAN failure the Quorum solution kicked into play straight away. This not only meant that we were able to keep working as usual, it also saved us a lot of time in rebuilding the systems.

Darren Scarratt
Infrastructure Manager, NISA Retail UK



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