A case study document titled "Bear Valley Community Health." It discusses challenges related to ransomware attacks targeting the healthcare sector and solutions provided by Quorum, including a detailed breakdown of previous and current solutions and community impact.

The Challenge: Ransomware Attacks Targeting Healthcare

Vulnerability is what keeps Jon Booth, the Director of IT of Bear Valley Community Health, up at night. He is looking for a solution that not only patches vulnerability, but can also easily recover when a disaster hits. According to Jon, the main concern is ransomware hackers because “the attack surface of health care is huge. The medical record is a coup de grace of hackers… if they attack medical records, they get everything – financial, medical, demographic, family… [Hackers] have realized healthcare is where to get it all, and we are experiencing exponential increases in attacks.”

Many of Jon’s colleagues were unfortunately attacked by ransomware, and Jon sought to prevent Bear Valley Community Health from becoming an additional victim.