An information sheet titled "California Bankers Association" explaining how Quorum Hybrid Cloud is their disaster recovery solution. The sheet includes business challenges, the solution, a quote from an IT Manager, and a picture of a male IT Manager in a red shirt.

Business Challenges:

The California Bankers Association (CBA) provides its member banks with resources, such as compliance software or insights on the industry, to help banks succeed in California’s dynamic marketplace. At its Sacramento headquarters, CBA employs a mix of nine physical and virtual Windows-based servers running Microsoft Exchange for mail, Microsoft Dynamics SL for accounting, SQL database and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for membership. Previously, CBA had been backing up to tape, but backups were often unpredictable and having to send tapes offsite was hard to manage. CBA was looking for a multi-functional solution that would not only provide high availability for email and other key applications, but allow for automated backup and disaster recovery as well.