Application downtime is the scourge of modern IT teams. Gone are the days when you had nightly scheduled downtime to be able to conduct your backups, maintenance and upgrades. Now you are lucky to get a single maintenance window once per month, and usually it’s limited to a few hours at most.

Without regular maintenance windows, unscheduled downtime is now becoming more of a problem. Applications are always up, employees and customers are always using them, and interruptions are avoided at all cost. This has forced most IT teams to find ways of doing maintenance and backups while the applications are running.

Building a system that is highly available and does not need regular maintenance to keep it up time has typically involved a complex architecture and a substantial datacenter investment. In the early days, as companies were growing their datacenters and investing in hardware this was not a problem. But like everything else in IT, things have changed. Most organizations are trying to downsize their datacenters, shed their hardware and move as much as they can to the cloud. Now there is a solution to this dilemma.

Quorum is pleased to announced our HA Anywhere architecture. This new flexible architecture provides the same high availability that customers have come to expect, without the additional onsite hardware. Customers no longer need large, complex datacenters to achieve their uptime goals.

Please join us, March 22, 2018 as Jason Snook, System’s Architect explains how it is possible to achieve the same reliability and uptime, without adding hardware.

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