A case study document titled "NISA Retail – The Case Study." It discusses the business challenges faced by NISA Retail, especially in terms of system downtime and testing inefficiency, and how Quorum's Recovery systems provided a solution.

Business Challenges: Threat of lengthy system downtime; complicated and time-consuming testing

System downtime is a fact of life for businesses. If your organization hasn’t yet ex Technology is key to Nisa’s infrastructure to ensure its deliveries run smoothly and that all its member’s stores are stocked. The impact of losing data or having any downtime on servers is extremely costly to Nisa and its members. Nisa required a backup solution that was not only responsive but also fully compliant with the regulatory requirements for the UK’s retail sector.

After looking at the current business continuity plan, Nisa recognised that the disaster recovery plan for its internal servers was slow and inefficient. In the event of failure it would take days, even weeks to purchase and install new servers and in that time the cost of damage would be hard to calculate. Nisa needed something responsive to ensure its competitiveness in an aggressive marketplace.

The company needed a reliable disaster recovery solution to protect its 31 internal servers, which look after key parts of the business, including email, file and print, bespoke applications, domain controllers, SQL database, application document management, intranet, directory and federation services and electronic data interchange (EDI).