A case study document for Midwest Law Firm, detailing how they managed system downtime using Quorum's backup and recovery solutions. The document features a testimonial and a brief overview of the business challenges and solutions provided by Quorum.

Business Challenges:

Like death and taxes, the continuous turn of the wheels of justice is an inevitability. Indeed, the law waits for nothing—least of all system downtime. So the ability for a legal professional to have his files and documentation at his fingertips even after a storage, system or site failure is critical. Certainly, effectively serving his client—and proving his case in the courtroom—often lies in the strength (and availability) of this documentation.

Therein lay the issue a law firm in the Midwest faced with its erstwhile disaster recovery plan. “We were using disk and tape backups from Symantec for our virtual and physical machines,” said the firm’s director of IT. “But using this approach, recovery time would be well beyond 24 hours if critical systems failed. One hour of downtime—much less 24 or more—is simply not an option, especially when our firm’s attorneys require case files and other information housed on our system to be effective in the courtroom. In order to best serve the firm’s clients in the face of system downtime, we clearly needed a better solution.”