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Three Things to Consider Before Implementing Cloud Protection

Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Recovery

Backup is not the same as Recovery. Even if data is safely backed up, consider how long it will take to recover entire systems. Backup can providea false sense of security, and it is not the same as recovery. Most businesses can’t afford minutes, let alone
hours, without continuous access to valuable customer or company data. What matters is how fast data can be restored in order to make employees productive again. And recovery must happen within minutes, not hours or days, as each minute of downtime translates directly into lost revenue.

The options for the safe protection of data were once very costly to build and complex to maintain. Today, there are new alternatives to choose from and many companies are considering the cloud as a safe and secure way to remotely back up and protect their data. The cloud has become a popular trend, especially among small and mid-sized companies, since businesses can outsource this aspect of their operation and eliminate the hassle of day-to-day operations, while still ensuring security of their data.

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