A case study document titled "Weddel Swift: The Case Study" details Weddel Swift's update of their tape-based solution for data recovery using Quorum onQ. There are text blocks highlighting challenges, solutions, and results, along with the Weddel Swift and Quorum logos.

Business Challenges:

With a pedigree going back 120 years, Weddel Swift Distribution Ltd is the distribution arm of the Randall Parker Food Group
serving the Butcher on the high street. Weddel Swift has 14 depots or centers across the United Kingdom, employing a mix of physical and virtual servers (including six Windows servers). The company relied on an outsourced tape-based solution which also required them to duplicate all communications, resulting in long recovery times should a disaster occur. Weddel Swift was looking for a highly reliable disaster recovery solution that could provide fast recovery, yet was also easy to use and affordable.