A cover image featuring the title "The Ultimate DRaaS Best Practices Guide" and the subtitle "4 Secrets to Making DRaaS Work For You." The background is dark with subtle geometric shapes. The bottom left corner displays the Quorum logo with “+ Click Instant Recovery.”.

If you’re used to laborious backup processes and uncertain recovery, BDR that qualifies as simple and safe might seem like a fantasy. But Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can remove significant maintenance, headaches and stress while providing the assured protection that comes with advanced technology and BDR expertise.

In these days where it seems everything IT must become an “aaS” of some kind, it was inevitable that disaster recovery would jump to the cloud. But DRaaS is no fad. A powerful option for organizations of all sizes, managed/ hosted BDR services means organizations can protect their assets in a flexible, cost-effective way—as opposed to assuming the burden of building additional data centers and equipping them with servers, storage and staff.

This eBook gives you 4 secrets to making DRaaS work for you.

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