A hand hovers over a globe with a focus on western Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The text reads: "Quorum. The Top 4 Security Threats of 2021. How to protect your organization.

2020 saw one of the biggest single-year surges in history for IT security threats.

More importantly, the factors that contributed to this surge — including the rise of remote working — are here to stay.

A report released in early 2021 by IT security firm Proofpoint highlights the magnitude of the threat for businesses worldwide. This report estimates that nearly two-thirds of businesses globally have seen an increase in targeted cyberattacks since they switched to widespread remote work.

As security threats increase, IT leaders and their teams must up their game accordingly. This means a few things:

• Being aware of the range of threats that exist today

• Prioritizing the threats that are most common and that have the potential to be the most damaging and costly

• Having the right solutions in place to deal with worst case scenarios like data and/or security breaches

In this guide, we’ll discuss the four biggest IT security threats businesses face in 2021, and tell you what you can do today to ensure your organization is protected.

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