An illustration showing a toolkit with various tools inside, labeled "TOOLS." Above the toolkit, text reads "The Backup and Disaster Recovery Security Toolkit." The Quorum logo is in the bottom left corner with the tagline "Quick Disaster Recovery.

When breaches happen, and they will, the first casualty is trust. Your customers lose their trust in you; your staff may lose trust in their leadership. After a big enough attack, especially one involving an aftermath of regulatory fines and a damaged brand, you may never really trust in the sanctity of your applications, servers and data again. Especially if the disaster affected your backups and ability to recover.

Yet secure backup and disaster recovery is within reach. Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) isn’t always a first thought when IT leaders architect their security programs. But it’s the last line of defense when all else falls to the invaders sacking your system. Perimeter security is all well and good; but when criminals take over your system, your backups may be your last hope for recovery—and in some extreme cases, your organization’s survival.

This eBook will explain the 5 critical BDR tools for strengthening security.

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