A company case study document for Texas Electric Cooperatives, detailing their use of Quorum for unified backup and disaster recovery. It includes a customer quote, company overview, and benefits of the Quorum solution alongside company logos and contact information.

Business Challenges:

IT Director David Painter oversees a busy IT department that does more than manage technologies and daily workflows; they align their innovation with business initiatives and try to streamline efficiencies in an expanding organization. They also handle system to system integrations with customers and integrate orders and invoices with customers—what Painter calls “offering full service IT.”

After the team moved into a VMware environment, Painter began thinking about how they would back up the virtual servers. At the time, Texas Electric Cooperatives was using several backup and disaster recovery solutions, each handling a different piece of the puzzle. “But it was a headache,” Painter recalled. “We had too many vendors, so we wanted to pull it all together.

He began researching different BDR solutions, trying to find something that could boost reliability and reduce downtime. The solution also had to be efficient and easy to use, so the team could focus on new initiatives rather than spending time on manual tasks. Yet they had difficulty finding a single unified solution that could do everything they needed.

“We looked at different solutions and read their reviews and did their demos,” Painter said. “We noticed there were some good customer reviews for Quorum and they seemed to be the best fit for what we were trying to accomplish.” Painter and the team also noticed a difference in scope: “Other backup solutions did some stuff but not everything. Quorum seemed the most comprehensive.”