A case study document featuring Tejas Tubular and their expansion in recovery capabilities, supported by Quorum's BDR system. It includes text about Tejas Tubular's improvements, a client quote, and a section titled "Finding the Missing Link of BDR.

Business Challenges:

Tejas Tubular’s popularity has led to a growing number of manufacturing facilities across Texas, which has endowed the IT team with a considerable number of systems to manage. But like many teams, they didn’t always have a high- performing BDR system. When IT Manager Ricardo Martinez joined the company in January 2009, the company was backing up to tape and an external hard drive. “There was no disaster recovery site, just a simple backup system,” Martinez recalled. “At the end of the day, backups went onto an external hard drive and the manager took it home. He swapped the drives on a daily basis.”

Martinez, who came to Tejas Tubular from the medical field, was used to “a different approach” to backup and disaster recovery. Interested in strengthening the company’s resiliency, he began looking for a new solution that could expand the team’s BDR ecosystem. “I wanted to offer my CEO a DR site,” he explained.