A case study graphic titled "Legal Firm Selects Dedicated Quorum Appliance Over Multi-Tenancy" presents business challenges, solutions, and results. It features quotations and a color scheme of green and grey, detailing the firm's transition to Quorum's backup solution.

Business Challenges: Looking beyond traditional BAR

Based in Orange County, CA, Palmieri, Tyler, Wiener, Wilhelm &  Waldron LLP (PTWWW) have been providing legal counsel for Southern California businesses for more than three decades. Having used a disk-to-disk backup solution for several years, PTWWW was informed by their data protection vendor that they would be going out of business, and to look for other alternatives. “We were forced to identify a new vendor that could provide us with both data backup and disaster recovery – and do so within our budget constraints,” explained Bob Steele, computer systems manager at PTWWW. “We examined the solution offered by a consulting group we use, however, as we dug deeper to better understand their DR capabilities, we soon realized that their approach would not be able to support our business continuity requirements. Their DR process would have required several time-consuming, non-automated steps, including the physical shipment of new devices. At the end of the day, the vendor’s prescribed RTO of three days was simply not good enough. Because of this, we were again forced to investigate other alternatives,” said Bob.