A case study document titled "Marquette Savings Bank - The Case Study". The document highlights their challenge and solution in enhancing disaster recovery capabilities. There's a quote from Blaine Fellow, Vice President, and an illustration of their steps undertaken.

Business Challenges:

With 12 offices serving Erie and Crawford counties, Marquette Savings Bank needed to build up its disaster recovery capabilities, since only the bank’s mainframe and core data (mortgages and customer applications) were protected. Although Marquette could still support its customers should a disaster occur, it was increasingly reliant on email and auxiliary applications such as check imaging and daily reports that ran on 15 Windows servers. Data on the Windows servers were backed up to tape each day, but if a disaster destroyed the main office servers, Marquette would have to order five new servers, wait for them to be shipped out, set up, restore data, etc. By relying solely on tape in the event of a disaster, employees would be denied access to data for about a week and that delay was unacceptable.