A document titled "La Jolla Country Day School - The Case Study" describes a school’s technology implementation for data backup and recovery. It includes blocks of text and a testimonial about the effectiveness of Quorum's services in managing their data.

Business Challenges:

The backup and disaster recovery tools of today have come a long way from yesterday’s solutions—but many organizations are still limited by yesterday’s tools. As their needs grow, many teams find themselves trying to protect and recover critical data with solutions that are too primitive to deliver the speed and efficiency they need.

Gabriel Gador, a Senior Network and Systems Engineer at La Jolla Country Day School, spent years “getting by” with such limitations. The school, which educates students from nursery school until college, had critical data to protect. “We have financial records, parent information, social security numbers,confidential student records,” Gador explained. “And we’re required to keep this data available and restorable.”

Yet as with many organizations, the school’s data needs outpaced its BDR technology.

“Backups were always a challenge for a school like us,” Gador said, recalling the challenges of backing up physical servers. “For a very long time we made do with a product called Backup Exec—every version of it, even after they were acquired by Symantec. We backed up everything with tape, using a 12-14 tape jukebox.”