A black and white image of a large naval ship docked near a shore. The overlaid text reads, "How The US Navy Helped Transform Today's BDR Market - The Quorum Origins Story." The Quorum logo is visible at the bottom-right corner.

When it comes to backup and disaster recovery, we all know the cardinal rule: uptime is everything. Every second of downtime costs you lost revenue, drains away your brand dignity and sends your IT team into a frantic tailspin.

Compare that to the consequences of downtime in the military, though,
and the idea of a lost sale starts looking pretty trivial. The United States Navy has a number of sophisticated weaponry, defenseand monitoring systems. Some of the most sophisticated missiles and torpedoes on the planet are developed and used by naval leaders. As the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility—and when it
comes to the Navy’s missile tracking systems, it is critical to keep those systems synchronized, accurate and performing at all times. With such high stakes, failure is not an option.

Aware of the catastrophic possibilities if their systems did fail, some naval leaders approached Quorum CTO, Marc Goroff, a few years ago and asked for a solution that could ensure perfect their system accuracy.

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