An image of a computer server engulfed in flames with the text "Final Exam: How Prepared for Disaster Are You?" in bold, white letters on a green rectangular background. Sparks and burning embers are visible, emphasizing the theme of disaster preparedness.

Organizations that develop detailed plans on how they’ll recover from breaches, natural
disasters and other calamities are usually the ones that control the damage the fastest and most effectively.

Here is a basic tabletop run-through to identify the degree of your disaster preparedness. While it covers general disasters, you can really drill down by running through different crises each time, such as a fire, earthquake, a major server
failure, a Ransomware attack or security breach.

And remember, the point isn’t to “pass” the test—the point is to fail, so you can
identify the gaps, systems and processes that would otherwise sink you in the
face of true disaster. Correct those now and you’ll prevent the damage that would
otherwise occur when disaster comes knocking.

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