A case study document for Amvac Chemical Corp. discussing business challenges and solutions. The page features text about stronger business practices, complexity challenges, and a testimonial; it is structured in sections with green, gray, and white backgrounds.

Business Challenges:

To protect their resources, the team initially used a combination of solutions, including Symantec, a tape library, and Iron Mountain but not only was managing a variety of solutions a time-consuming endeavor, the support was lacking. “Part of the problem was the different solutions,” said Rainier. “We had a lot of chats with our existing solutions and the response wasn’t very good. We wanted a one-vendor solution with one person to call, so there would be no finger pointing when there are issues.”

Despite having multiple solutions, the collective BDR performance just wasn’t hitting the mark. One major headache:failed backups. “If we had to rerun a backup during work hours,our users would complain because of the hit on performance servers. We’d have a huge backup weekend and no matter howtime we dedicated after hours, it still overlapped into working hours and everyone would complain that everything was slow.

So that was a problem. We also wanted to get out of managing a tape library—that consumed a lot of our time. So did DR
testing, which took months.” When it was time for a refresh, Rainier decided to look around instead of automatically renewing his existing partnerships. “We wanted something faster and simpler. It was one collective business driver—compliance, a faster system, the hardware
refresh. The timing was perfect.”