An informational document titled "7 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Try onQ" by Quorum. It discusses technology preferences between older legacy systems and newer automated solutions. The text encourages proposing advanced security and performance benefits to leadership.

Technology: It’s the land of innovation and vision. But it’s also the land where IT professionals can divide up into traditionalists and explorers, and sometimes the two groups clash over strategy—especially when it comes to backup and disaster recovery.

It’s something we see a lot at Quorum. IT teams will ask us to solve challenges like slow backups and outdated legacy systems. We’ll tell them how onQ works and they’ll get excited about having 1-click recovery, automated testing and data archiving from a single scalable product—right up until their leadership refuses to consider it.

It’s possible you’ve run into these challenges on your own team. Maybe you’ve pitched your boss on the need for faster backup creation and simpler failover, or emphasized the benefits of an automated system that offers advanced security and performance. But your boss insists on sticking with legacy, and allocating budget for something “more important” than new BDR.

If that sounds familiar, here are 7 reasons you can use to persuade your leaders to try onQ.

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