Have you ever searched for “ransomware protection”? When I searched, I end up with results that are more commonly considered anti-virus solutions.

While I recognize this is a company’s first line of defense against ransomware, it appears this first line of defense is only partially effective based on recent news stories. How many reputable companies do you know were crippled by ransomware attacks? These companies have very solid IT groups and invest in industry leading anti-virus software, yet they still fell victim to ransomware.

I am not suggesting companies should not invest in anti-virus software, I am suggesting they should consider having additional lines of defense. Yes, you need belts and suspenders when it comes to ransomware protection.

If you select the “right Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution” you are covered for normal disasters like floods, power outages, fires, hurricanes, etc. With the “right BCDR solution” you are also covered against ransomware attacks. What then, makes a solution “right”?

The right solution has a few main characteristics:

  1. It is outside your production network so it is not directly impacted by the attack.
  2. You can easily spin up your recovery environment to keep the business up and running while you recover.
  3. It allows you to easily revert to a backup which pre-dates the attack.

Does your BCDR solution meet these requirements? If not, we invite you to consider us here at Quorum.

Our unique BCDR architecture is built to protect you from ransomware. To summarize, it is outside your production network, it runs on hardened Linux OS, and has unique processes that prevent ransomware from infecting backups and from spreading. This datasheet explains how our architecture protects you from ransomware in more detail.

It’s not just our architecture that our customers like. It’s also our simplicity and ease-of-use, where instant recovery is only one-click away. This is what our customers rave about. That is why some customers call us the “#1 ransomware response solution”.

Ransomware is a growing problem and can be very costly. Do not get caught off guard. Get a free demo today to see how Quorum can protect you.

Circumstances Where IT DR Plan was Executed

Jim Garn

CEO, Quorum Labs Inc.

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