July 28, 2022 @ 11 am PT

Cyber insurance was created because of data loss and the rise of cyber-attacks. However, as more and more companies went digital since 2020, ransomware attacks have skyrocketed, causing significant losses to firms offering cyber insurance.

Since then, cyber insurance has evolved drastically. In this 30-minute webinar, we will address the most common questions in today’s cyber insurance landscape, including:

What You’ll Learn

  • If I have a cyber liability policy, do I still need security?

  • If I have a good backup and DR plan, do I need a Cyber Liability Insurance policy?

  • What is covered under cyber liability insurance plan?

  • What are the requirements to stay in compliance (including MFA)?

  • How to document that requirements are met for audit?


Expert Speakers

Bill has worked with partners, businesses and non-profits to strategize and implement data protection infrastructures. His specialty is in data backup and disaster recovery, and he has extensive knowledge in backup recovery infrastructures ranging from on-premise to cloud and hybrid cloud. Working with data protection vendors can be tricky, and Bill will be sharing his extensive experience to help VAR’s and MSP’s.

A man with short, dark hair is smiling and wearing a dark blazer over a light blue collared shirt. He is posing against a plain, light-colored background.
Bill Morck Sales Director, Quorum

Gabe has over 20 years of experience working in IT and network administration, with the last 10+ years in leadership positions. Prior to joining Quorum, he specialized in full IT and Disaster Recovery services for financial institutions across the U.S. Throughout his tenure there, he successfully mitigated 3 different ransomware variants in 2 different companies, and he had successfully prevented and protected 20+ known ransomware attacks.

A man with short, brown hair and glasses is smiling. He is wearing a dark suit, a white shirt, and a patterned tie. The background is plain and dark, drawing attention to his cheerful expression.
Gabe Gambill VP of Product & Technical Ops, Quorum