If you’re familiar with Quorum’s onQ appliance, you know it’s your gateway to recovery speed and security. In particular, our onQ appliance stores always-current VM clones of your physical and virtual servers that can take over for failed servers within minutes.

But unlike other BDR solutions, we don’t just offer one mode of backup and disaster recovery. onQ is configurable to your needs – whether you’re looking for Ransomware helpa scalable BDR solution or DRaaS, onQ is flexible enough to work for your specific business needs.

But first you should know that all onQ solutions offer the same set of high-level features. No matter what form of protection you choose, all data is encrypted, passing through a 128 bit AES encrypted session over a 256 bit AES VPN tunnel. Automated testing ensures your recovery clones will always work when you need them. And all onQ appliances and cloud solutions meet major compliance standards like PCI, HIPAA, SOX, FDIC and others.

Whether you’re a current Quorum customer or still in the stage of considering onQ, make sure you’re aware of all the options for your onQ setup.

onQ Local

If you’re looking for a fast and simple backup and recovery solution, you can deploy a physical hardware appliance or virtual machine onsite. You’ll get high availability and 1-click recovery to any point in time. How fast is your recovery? A matter of minutes. How easy is it to failover? From your dashboard you’ll simply click once to activate your recovery node snapshot of the failed server.

onQ Remote

If you’ve been looking to upgrade your current solution, you’ve probably noticed that it’s hard to find a solution that offers unified backup and disaster recovery. Look no further: you can also configure a second onQ appliance at a remote site as a disaster recovery solution. The data is initially encrypted and deduplicated at your local onQ appliance and then sent at the intervals of your choosing to the remote appliance. This is an additional level of insurance where you’re covered even if a disaster or failure takes down your original site.

onQ DRaaS

Instead of opting for that second appliance, you can turn to the private Quorum Cloud. Your applications, data and servers will still be replicated by your local onQ appliance and will then be transmitted to the private Quorum cloud, which synchronizes with your local appliance after each update. As always, all data sent to the cloud will be deduplicated and encrypted. The result: because you’ll have a virtual machine clone in the cloud ready to run, you’ll never need to rebuild a machine from an image after a failure or wait for new hardware to arrive. You can avoid the costs of powering and maintaining a data center and enjoy both HA and DR at a reduced cost.

onQ vApp

A virtual option that can protect both your physical and virtual machines, onQ vApp installs into your current VMWare environment. You can deploy it by leveraging any spare capacity from a SAN replacement or a server refresh to reduce your total cost of deployment and ownership. onQ vApp is available for all of the above options: locally to provide high availability, as a second option configured for DR, and for DRaaS too. It’s just a download away, which means you can start protecting your data within the hour.

onQ RE

We recently reviewed onQ Ransomware Edition a few weeks ago <link> so we won’t go into too much detail. It can restore up to 15 servers in as fast as 4 minutes and offers 22TB of storage, with 64GB of RAM and speeds of 25000 IOPs. Like the above options, it still offers 1-click recover, encryption, automated testing and lets you recover to any point in time. And as a standalone recovery product, it’s available to anyone – you don’t need to be an existing onQ customer to use it.

onQ Pod

Designed for enterprise scale data protection, onQ Pod is a modular solution that’s been making waves in its short time on the market. Pod essentially solves the challenges of rapid growth by letting teams grow the way they need, without being forced to invest in more rack space or multiple BDR appliances. Not only can you buy storage and compute separately, you can grow your data into hundreds of terabytes with only one appliance. It also protects both physical and virtual servers.

onQ Archive Vault

Another option for intelligent data management, Archive Vault provides you with secure long-term storage. You can meet compliance regulations and your own data retention policies, retrieve data quickly and avoid paying storage costs for data you don’t need. And while other BDR solutions stop archiving your data after 30 days or so, Archive Vault stores and updates your data indefinitely.There’s no additional license cost for Archive Vault – it’s a built-in feature of our onQ appliance, with all data encrypted in motion and at rest.

Where are the gaps in your current backup and disaster recovery system? Where are you paying too much or getting too little protection? There’s no need to stick with what you have and put your data at risk. We designed our onQ options to work for a variety of teams and needs – and you can test the waters without changing anything. Take a look and figure out how you can upgrade your protection today.

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