The idea for our next webcast came to me during our last customer briefing. During the briefing, Quorum customers were updated on product strategy and direction and at the end, there was time scheduled for Q&A. Most of the questions were technical in nature mostly pertaining to our product with some enhancement requests. Those in attendance were then invited to stay for a Quorum hosted happy-hour, and most stayed.

The happy hour discussion centered around recovery stories, and I was amazed at the stories I heard. Our customers have to maintain and protect incredibly complex environments while maintaining unreasonable business expectations, with little or no budget. Testing recovery plans came up, and everyone agreed that they did some amount of testing, but no one did full fail over testing.

Everyone wanted to hear recovery stories. What failures have you seen? How did you handle it? How much data was lost? What did your management say? These questions generated a lot of discussion about IT architectures, DR planning and just general understanding of how to bring applications up after a crash. Most failures we discussed were not caused by a backup and recovery product not working, but rather to the complexities and dependencies of the applications they protect. Understanding those complexities was the key to successful recoveries.

So we decided to address 5 of the most common platforms and their associated recovery complexities in order to help our customers be better prepared should they encounter a failure. In this webcast we will discuss:

  • Common problems when recovering MSFT Exchange
  • Full Forest Active Directory Recovery
  • SQL Server and Oracle Database recovery
  • DNS/DHCP issues and configurations
  • Firewall and Security software issues

Joining our own Jason Snook, Senior Solutions Architect at Quorum will be Panos Hawandjian, VP of Field Operations at Boomerang Solutions Group – who also attended the customer briefing and who has an amazing amount of experience when it comes to business continuity auditing and planning.

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