Recently our onQ Master Classes have been talking about changes we’ve introduced with onQ 4.0 – like faster performance, a dashboard that partners visibility with simplicity, ultra-fast recovery and more. But one of the changes is of special interest to enterprise IT leaders and that’s Pod.

Pod is a new addition to our Quorum hardware lineup – a modular solution that lets you grow as easily and seamlessly as you need. With Pod, you scale the way that works best for your team, particularly if you’re growing fast and need a backup and disaster recovery solution that can accelerate with your growth.

Why did we create it? Because time and again larger organizations have told us they needed a more robust backup and disaster recovery solution than they were finding on the market. You’ve probably experienced this yourself: running into physical limitations that force you to keep expanding your rack space or buy multiple BDR appliances. Your storage needs keep rising – but you’re forced to buy more compute even though you don’t need it, and vice versa.

It’s a status quo that just isn’t cost-effective or flexible, so we wanted to give leaders a way to scale more efficiently. And that’s where Pod comes in, allowing your organization to grow compute and data separately. You can grow your data into hundreds of terabytes with only one appliance. Need to add capacity to storage or backup more servers independently of each other? Pod lets you add additional capacity wherever you need it, and it protects both physical and virtual servers.

Pod in Action

Let’s say you choose Pod. You’ll start out with a storage container with 150 terabytes and 200 VMs or physical servers.

Down the road, you have those 200 VMs still but need to go to 300 VMs. You don’t need any more storage, though. So you add an additional 100 VMs and that’s it. Or maybe you are fine with those 200 VMs but want to increase 150 terabytes to 300. You can independently grow that too.

Overall, Pod can support from 150TB to 400TB over an 8U setup – so you can build the solution you need. Because it’s literally “one and grow,” there’s no need to keep buying additional appliances or servers to accommodate your expanding data. You don’t have to pay for resources you don’t need, regardless of your expansion requirements.

For enterprise leaders who need robust BDR partnered with cost-effective scalability, there’s no easier, flexible solution. Pod helps you set the stage now for a future of growth where you don’t need to worry about additional expenditures down the line, like needing new appliances or expanding your data center footprint. Our ability to support up to 400TB over an 8U setup represents a significant upgrade from any other BDR solution on the market. And – hopefully this goes without saying – Pod offers all the same benefits as any other onQ appliance, including the fastest backup and recovery in the industryencryption in motion and at rest, automated testing, long-term archiving, a 1-click failover process, great support and more. So if you foresee a future of growth, take a look at onQ Pod. You’ll have the robust BDR you need and make your own expansion that much easier.

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