We all know speed matters in backup and disaster recovery – but what’s the actual status quo? That’s right, we’re going to talk about actual numbers today. And not just for recovery. We’re going to talk about all the ways your BDR system can speed you up or slow you down, from your daily tasks to network performance.

Downtime is costly, from lost sales to an idle workforce to patients whose medical records aren’t available to users who can’t access their own money. When ransomware comes calling, downtime can mean paying an actual ransom if you can’t recover fast enough.

Then there’s BDR management. If you’ve ever had to spend too much time maintaining backup files or transporting tape backups, you know that old-school solutions can eat up valuable staff hours. So can absurdly complicated failover processes that practically require a PhD in that particular software.

That doesn’t even touch the problems with sluggish performance or weak support offerings that make you wait days – or weeks – for a resolution (if you get useful help at all.)

We talk about all of this in our upcoming guide “How Fast Will You Recover? Clocking the Difference Between onQ and The Competition.” Today, though, we’re going to spell out the basics on why we call ourselves the fastest BDR solution on the market – and the specific time differences that earned us that title.

onQ offers immediate recovery.

onQ goes around the hypervisor during the recovery process, giving the virtual machine direct access to compute and storage for flash-speed recovery. We’re the first purpose-built BDR appliance to boost the recovery speed this way, since most traditional solutions request data from slower spinning disks, or worse, from tape.

Result: Our flash speed recovery can boot a VM in less than 2 minutes, unlike other BDR competitors who take considerably longer.

Efficient automation eliminates manual tasks.

Have you seen the new unified management console we released with onQ 4.0? Talk about easy. Everything you need to know is front and center, helping you take the right steps at the right time without any research required. Automated testing ensures you have viable backups when you need them, while incremental snapshots make sure you’re backing up critical data as often as you need to.

And because Quorum handles everything you need for BDR, there’s no need to juggle multiple vendors or third-party support teams. Just one call answers every support need from the same team who built the solution. You’ll always get a quick response, even after hours.

Result: Most customers tell us the administrative burden shrinks from days of BDR maintenance a month to mere minutes.

Our failover process is the simplest in the market.

Forget other solutions with their intricate failover processes that require complex training to complete ten different steps. Forget the need to call the support team to walk you through it. onQ lets you skip all of that with our 1-click failover. Anyone, from your new intern to your CEO, can initiate failover in literally one click.

Result: Unlike other vendors who require you to maintain a trained team of administrators who understand how to failover, onQ lets you shrink failover time from 30 minutes or more to just a click.

Our clone environments run as fast – or faster – than your production environments.

Let’s talk about onQ 4.0 again for a moment. Previously, we offered 800 IOPS – like other vendors, who typically offer in that neighborhood. Now? 4.0 has reached a new level of speed, delivering a minimum of 25,000 IOPS, with all appliances connected through 10 gig networks.

Unlike the partial recovery and slow environment you’ll get with another solution, onQ can guarantee that your clone will perform as fast – if not faster – than your production hardware. And yes, this is unique technology we developed ourselves. Only Quorum engineers have created a way to run production workloads at lightning speed.

Result: It’s pretty common for customers to tell us, “I wish my production machine was this fast.” Our guide “How Fast Will You Recover? Clocking the Difference Between onQ and The Competition” will be out soon, sharing more details on all the ways we’ve accelerated backup and disaster recovery – from your daily tasks to your worst disaster. We know you want to move fast. Use Quorum and you’ll be able to eliminate annoying delays, get back online and spend your time on more exciting work.

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