“Information is the lifeblood of every modern business, supporting and enabling its day to day operations. However such is the reliance on IT systems and solutions that when companies are hit by natural disasters, human error, software or hardware failure or are threatened by security breaches and hacking, the results are devastating. Every minute of service disruption costs business thousands of pounds in lost customers, sales, revenue.

Getting the balancing act right between critical data protection and maximum uptime has, over the years, resulted in what might be regarded as a piecemeal approach to investment in backup and recovery solutions. The economic benefits of these systems are often overlooked, making it hard for IT teams to secure budget for ongoing improvements which has in turn inhibited the move away from legacy systems in spite of changing customer requirements. Making do or ‘bolting on’ new functionality to meet today’s more demanding recovery requirements has inevitably resulted in a mixed bag of disparate backup and recovery systems providing various levels of integration, capability, support and overall customer experience.” …

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