Most businesses today use IT to give themselves an advantage. Whether it’s an online ordering system, a full featured website, or custom applications, the need for backup, and quick recovery are critical, no matter how big your business gets. In fact, with fewer or no IT staff, backup and recovery can be more difficult for small and mid-sized businesses.

That’s why Quorum is introducing onQube – our 1-click instant recovery system for small and medium sized businesses. onQube has all of the same features as our award winning onQ product, but comes in a more compact form factor, ideally suited to small offices with limited IT space. onQube can protect up to 7 of your critical servers, taking snapshots on a user defined schedule, that can be used to recover your servers in the event of a failure.

If a server goes down, you simply log into the web based admin console, select the snapshot to recover, and boot the server image. The image runs directly from the onQube appliance, giving you the time you need to repair the failed server. Your users will be able to continue their work, and your business will continue to run without interruption. During the recovery process, onQube will continue to back up your servers and data, so nothing gets lost.

All of this protection can be yours starting at $299/month – really, it’s that cheap and easy. If you decide that you want to add Quorum private cloud disaster recovery, you can add it to onQube for a small additional monthly fee.

It’s easy to get started. Call us for a free consultation and price quote, or check out the onQube data sheet in our resources section.

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