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Case Study

Georgetown Savings Bank

Reduced recovery time, greater cost savings

“Quorum incorporates everything into a single appliance, from disk-based backup to disaster recovery,” said Allen. “There’s no need for multiple appliances, or a SAN or other solutions. Plus, Quorum lets us easily and regularly test our systems using only the appliance. Previously, we had no way of efficiently testing our Windows servers.”

Allen gives high praise to Quorum’s simple file-level restores, and said there is a significant time savings. “Quorum’s day-today file restore is great,” continued Allen. “With our previous tape system, if a user lost a file, we had to retrieve tapes from offsite storage, hope they are good, find the proper file and restore. With Quorum, we can recover specific user files with a single click instead of the much lengthier process that’s involved with recovery from tape.”


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