Quorum onQ vApp (Virtual Appliance)

One click recovery to any point in time, automated recovery testing and data archiving from a single scalable product.

onQ vApp ships as a virtual machine and installs in minutes to begin protecting your physical and virtual servers. onQ vApp will: run on your own hardware, offer the same unified protection solution as PBBA onQ, install quickly to protect your systems the same day — and it’s easy to add Remote/DRaaS protection at any time.

onQ vApp can be configured to manage and protect your environment in several different ways:
• onQ vApp can run locally to provide high availability for physical & virtual servers and data. In the event of a failure, 1-click in the onQ management console starts a virtual clone that takes over the production workload, providing failover capability to ensure your users and applications keep running.
• For Disaster Recovery: a local vApp instance configured for HA, can dedupe, compress and encrypt data before sending to a second vApp configured for DR at a remote site. In the event
that the local site goes down, the same 1-click in
the management console will start the remote virtual server, providing seamless failover
• For Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) the local HA vApp dedupes, compresses and encrypts updates which is sends to the Quorum cloud. The Quorum cloud satisfies HIPAA, PCI and SOC2 compliance and provides an offsite, remote DR capability for those customers who don’t have their own secure remote facility.


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Whitepaper February 13, 2017

Quorum onQ Physical Appliance

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