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Cost-effective, easy-to-use Quorum onQ provides instant recovery of data, applications and systems

Once implemented, Feltman tested each recovery node as well as synchronization between offices—and not a moment too soon. Superstorm Sandy hit 24 Seven’s downtown Manhattan headquarters on the evening of October 29. The office was closed as a precaution, but Feltman still had to ensure that payroll—24 Seven’s main responsibility—could be run the
next day.

“Goodwill with our employees certainly drives our business, so we couldn’t afford to miss our payroll by more than a day,” explained Feltman. “Doing so would without a doubt affect our business down the line.” In an effort to keep the payroll ball rolling and uphold the company’s reputation, 24 Seven’s Los Angeles site brought up two database servers required to process payroll using Quorum. Feltman then used the remote access servers (also running off Quorum) in the Los Angeles office to get the payroll done on time. “With Quorum, it was a snap,” he said. “There is nothing complicated about it.”


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