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Introducing onQ Ransomware Edition (onQ RE)

June 5, 2017

With the planet still reeling from the global WannaCry ransomware attack, we at Quorum have an exciting announcement to make: we’re launching onQ Ransomware Edition (onQ RE), a new product that continues our role as the industry’s leader in fighting ransomware.

onQ RE is just what it sounds like – a special version of our onQ appliance that can help you recover servers infected with ransomware. Delivering the same speed and security as our flagship onQ enterprise backup and disaster recovery platform, onQ RE is designed specifically to support a small number of production servers. You can keep whatever BDR system you’re currently using; just add onQ RE and you have an insurance policy that provides safe, fast and affordable ransomware recovery.

We’ve been helping our customers recover from ransomware attacks for years, long before it became a story on the evening news. Some have even come to us because they were tired of other solutions failing them and forcing them to pay exorbitant ransoms. onQ lets you recover in just minutes with one-click recovery that takes the sting – and the ransom payment – out of a ransomware attack.

For a while now we’ve envisioned a purpose-built ransomware recovery product that could be lightweight and affordable. The WannaCry attack hit 150 countries and infected more than 300,000 machines. It’s clear that ransomware is on the rise and organizations are looking for simple yet powerful protection now. Yet too many of them are focusing on how they can stop a ransomware attack from happening when they need to think about how they’ll recover. A Ponemon Institute report found 52 percent of respondents who were affected with ransomware did not pay because they had full backup.

That’s why we created onQ RE - the only standalone recovery product that can restore servers in as fast as 4 minutes.

How onQ RE Works

onQ RE connects to your network and takes snapshots of production servers, according to your ideal interval. Each snapshot is encrypted, saved to the hardware appliance and automatically tested to be sure that it will function in the event of an attack.

These snapshots create a virtual machine image that can step in if and when you’re attacked. You’ll isolate the affected system to prevent the spread of the infection, then select the last known good snapshot from the onQ RE management console. Once the virtual machine copy is fully booted up, the system will be on the production network and ready to take over for the failed server.

In short, you’ll have a fast and lightweight recovery solution that keeps your data and your business safe. You’ll never have to pay ransoms or lose transactions and productivity to downtime.

If you want to find out more, please come to our “Introducing: onQ Ransomware Edition” webinar on June 8, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. PT. Attend and you’ll get an onQ RE overview and demonstration. But you don’t have to wait until then; if you want more product and pricing details right now, visit onQ Ransomware Edition online. We know the rise of ransomware has probably prompted your team to partner new recovery strategies with new security controls and technologies. If you’re looking for affordable speed and protection, look no further - onQ RE is the groundbreaking solution that can finally solve your ransomware challenges.

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